The Home Buying Process

Ever wish someone would just explain the home buying process to you in SIMPLE terms - you know - just CONNECT the dots? Well, Home Connections has done just that! On this page, you'll find a simplified outline of how the home buying process works when you purchase your new home through us. Of course, we will still be there with you every step of the way, and will advise you or handle many of the details for you, making it a much quicker and less stressful process!  

1. Schedule An Appointment

Your new home project coordinator or Licensed General Contractors will help pre-qualify you for financing, choose and modify your house plans, and estimate the items needed to build on your property.

2. Apply For Financing

Home Connections will assist you throughout the financing process by setting you up with the program that best fits your needs, and then will guide you through to your closing.

3. Meet On Property

We will meet you on your home site to locate your new home, estimate excavating costs, as well as items you may need such as a wall, septic system, driveway, etc.

4. Draw Up Plans & Contract

After your site meeting, we will make any necessary modifications to your pricing, and generate a contract package detailing your entire purchase along with any floor plan changes that may be necessary.

5. Choose Your Colors

Choose the style and color of many items in your new home such as cabinets, counter tops, flooring and exterior colors.

6. Close Your Loan

Once you are approved for financing, we will finalize your loan details and your construction loan, and any other type loan will be completed.

Enjoy many wonderful years in your new home!